HLS Democracy Series Event on Redistricting

I’ll be moderating the final session of Harvard Law School’s Democracy speaker series tomorrow, on the subject of redistricting and gerrymandering. The panelists will be Michael Li of the Brennan Center, Deuel Ross of LDF, and Jason Torchinsky of Holtzman Vogel. The event will be from 12:45pm-1:45pm via Zoom. You can register here, and a description of the event is below:

The decennial redistricting process is in full swing. Every district map in America must be redrawn this year. Almost every district map, it sometimes seems, will end up in litigation. The driver of much of this activity is gerrymandering: the drawing of district lines for partisan advantage. This is the first redistricting cycle in forty years in which there is not even a theoretical possibility that federal courts will intervene to curb gerrymandering. Advances in mapping technology also combine with changes in voter behavior to make gerrymandering more potent than ever.

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