“Maryland Gov. Hogan signs redrawn congressional district map, ending monthslong legal and legislative battle”

Baltimore Sun:

Gov. Larry Hogan, ending a monthslong legal and legislative tussle with Democrats, signed a map of Maryland’s congressional districts on Monday that the General Assembly redrew after a judge rejected the first version as extremely partisan.

Hogan, a Republican, said he decided to approve the reconfigured map after the state attorney general agreed to drop an appeal of state Judge Lynne Battaglia’s decision tossing out the initial map.

“This is a huge win for democracy and for improvement in the process,” Hogan said during an Annapolis news conference. “I think gerrymandering is a cancer on our democracy, no matter which party does it.”

State Republicans disliked the first map even more than the second. They view both maps as examples of partisan gerrymandering, but they consider the redrawn map — approved by the General Assembly last week — as more fair to the GOP.

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