“As GOP lawmakers push for more election fraud charges, prosecutors find few cases”

Rosalind Helderman & Amy Gardner in the Washington Post:

In Wisconsin, two local prosecutors in recent days have announced they will not file criminal charges over allegations that a bipartisan state elections commission broke the law by changing voting rules in 2020.

In Georgia, a hotbed of fraud claims, state election officials so far have referred a total of two 2020 cases to prosecutors.

And in Arizona, ground zero for numerous GOP-led efforts to prove mass electoral wrongdoing, the state’s Republican attorney general has so far filed fraud cases against just 12 individuals.

Across the country, officials are openly resisting calls from allies of former president Donald Trump for mass arrests of people they claim stole the presidential election for Joe Biden. In fact, in swing states targeted by Trump, officials have so far brought only a handful of fraud prosecutions.

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