“Fighting Jan. 6 committee, John Eastman details how he came into Trump’s post-election fold”


Attorney John Eastman, a key ally in Donald Trump’s bid to subvert the 2020 election, says he began advising Trump two months before Election Day, when a prominent conservative attorney recruited him to “begin preparing for anticipated post-election litigation.”

That attorney, Cleta Mitchell, was deputized directly by Trump in August 2020 to establish an “election integrity working group,” Eastman indicated in court papers filed Tuesday evening in a federal court in California….

“Ms. Mitchell had been deputized by President Trump himself in late August 2020 to undertake that effort on his behalf,” Eastman says in the filing by attorneys Anthony Caso and Charles Burnham.

“As a member of the Election Integrity Working Group and in furtherance of my representation of President Trump as candidate and his campaign committee, I began conducting legal research and collaborating with academic advisers and other supporters of the President about the myriad number of factual and legal issues we anticipated might arise following the election,” Eastman reveals.

Here is Eastman’s declaration.

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