My New Research: Election Litigation Rates in the U.S. Have Hit an All-Time High: 2020 Rate is 26% Higher Than 2016, But Future Trends Less Certain (Election Law Journal)

I have written Research Note: Record Election Litigation Rates in the 2020 Election: An Aberration or a Sign of Things to Come? for the Election Law Journal (free access to full article). Here is the abstract:

Election litigation rates in the United States have been soaring, with rates nearly tripling from the period before the 2000 election compared to the post-2000 period. In 2020, election litigation rates increased al-most 26 percent over rates in 2016, the year of the immediately prior United States presidential election. But future trends are uncertain. This short Research Note describes and analyzes new data through 2020 on trends in U.S. election litigation, explains whether litigation rates are likely to continue to rise in the future, and briefly discusses whether this trend is normatively good or bad.

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