Nevada: “Election official departures rising amid burnout, angry voters, new requirements”

Nevada Independent:

More Nevadans than ever made their voices heard in the 2020 election, spurred by intense interest in the presidential race and helped by law changes that vastly expanded paths to register and multiplied voting options that led hundreds of thousands of Nevadans to vote by mail, while many more opted to vote in person.

But the changes — and burdens — for the backend infrastructure and workforce that runs Nevada’s elections was far greater. Election clerks, registrars and the secretary of state’s office were forced to simultaneously run in-person and mail-in elections, while facing pushback from a vocal contingent of voters frustrated by public health precautions and widespread misinformation.

For years, state and local election officials largely went about their business out of the spotlight, but in the weeks and months following the 2020 election — as lies and conspiracies proliferated — they faced increasing hostility and attempts to undermine their work.

The rise in violent threats has sparked a national exodus of election workers. Dozens of local election officials in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have left their positions in the past 14 months.

In Nevada, similar changes are happening. By the 2024 election, new faces will make up more than a third of Nevada’s 17 top county election officials. 

In recent months, clerks in three counties have resigned in the middle of their terms, and two more have announced plans to not run for re-election.

Nevada’s clerks leaving their positions have cited different reasons, from wanting to spend more time with family to reaching retirement. But in interviews with The Nevada Independent, they have largely agreed that the job is becoming more difficult, as they face angrier and more distrustful voters while shouldering significantly more work to run elections.

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