“Time to start over on voting rights and election security”

Doyle McManus in L.A. Times. Also, I missed El Kilgore’s Intelligencer column from a few days ago, A Plan to Fix the Electoral Count Act Is Taking Shape, which quoted this ELB post.

The Washington Post today is continuing to editorialize in favor of congressional legislation aimed at “insulating the election process from partisans who would subvert the results” even if the legislation does not contain provisions to protect casting a ballot. In the Post’s words: “As important as enabling Black Americans to vote is ensuring that their votes are counted over the objections of those seeking to label their ballots illegitimate.” (I have one quibble with the Post’s editorial: it says that the Democrats’ proposed Freedom to Vote bill “would impose modest minimum standards for voting access”; but the bill requires states to adopt “same-day registration,” and I would argue, as I have previously, that any federal law requiring a uniform national requirement of same-day registration cannot be considered a modest congressional mandate and instead is the kind of micromanagement measure that Republicans view as federal overreach.)

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