“Financing of Races for Offices that Oversee Elections: January 2022”

New Brennan Center report on fundraising by candidates for secretary of state — including several who deny the validity of the 2020 election results.

Of the six battleground states with secretary of state elections in 2022 (AZ, GA, MI, MN, NV, and WI), all six have candidates who are making election denial a key campaign issue.

As a group, the secretary of state candidates in GA, MI, and MN have already received 2.5 times more campaign funding than they had at a comparable point in either of the last two election cycles.

In Georgia, incumbent Brad Raffensperger has raised four times what he had raised at a comparable point in 2018. Representative Jody Hice has raised nearly double what the highest-grossing candidate had raised at a comparable point in 2018. 

In Michigan, incumbent Jocelyn Benson has raised five times what she had raised at a comparable point in 2018 and six times what the last incumbent raised at a comparable point in 2014.

In an early indication that election-administration-related races are being nationalized, the portion of funding in the Georgia race in the data available so far from out-of-state donors is 22 percent, a marked increase since 2018 and more than four times the share in 2014.

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