Moving My 2020 Opeds and Commentaries Off the Sidebar

Here is a list of opeds and commentaries wrote in 2020:

Barr’s Undermining of the Election is Downright Dangerous, CNN Opinion, Sept. 17, 2020

Democrats May Not Trust the Election Results if Trump WinsWash. Post, Sept. 10, 2020

Donald Trump’s Encouragement to Vote Twice Could Cause Election Day ChaosSlate, Sept. 3, 2020

Trump’s Relentless Attacks on Mail-In Voting Are Part of a Larger StrategyN.Y. Times, Aug. 19, 2020

California’s Ballot Harvesting Law: A Crop of Trouble?L.A. Lawyer, July/Aug. 2020

Bring on the 28th AmendmentN.Y. Times Sunday Review, June 29, 2020

Texas Voters Face Malicious Prosecutions After COVID-19 Absentee Ballot RulingSlate, May 27, 2020

The Right-Wing Legal Network is Now Openly Pushing Conspiracy TheoriesSlate, May 27, 2020 (with Dahlia Lithwick)

Trump’s bogus attacks on mail-in voting could hurt his supporters, too; The president is undermining democracy. He could also be undermining his own campaignWash. Post, May 20, 2020

GOP War on Mail-in Ballots May BackfireNY Daily News, Apr. 20, 2020

We Cannot Hold an Election Without a Functional Post OfficeSlate, Apr. 14, 2020

Trump is Wrong About the Dangers of Absentee BallotsWash. Post, Apr. 9, 2020

How Republicans are Using the Pandemic to Suppress the VoteLA Times, Apr. 4, 2020

What Happens in November if One Side Doesn’t Accept the Election Results? How coronavirus could contribute to a 2020 election meltdownSlate, Mar. 30, 2020

How to Protect the 2020 Election from CoronavirusSlate, Mar. 13, 2020

Why Trump and the RNC are spending $10 million to fight Democrats’ voting rights lawsuitsSlate, Mar. 5, 2020

Can’t Call the Super Tuesday Vote? Be PatientLA Times, Mar. 3, 2020

If Democrats Fight Right-Wing ‘Fake News’ Fire with Fire, We All LoseSalon, Feb. 24, 2020

How to Prevent the Next Election MeltdownWall St. Journal, Feb. 7, 2020 (Saturday Essay)

What the Impeachment Ordeal Can Tell Us About the 2020 ElectionCNN Opinion, Feb. 5, 2020

Trump’s Jokes About Defying Election Results Could Create ChaosSlate, Feb. 4, 2020

The Alarming Prospect of the Supreme Court Deciding the 2020 ElectionThe Atlantic, Feb. 3, 2020

The loser of November’s election may not concede. Their voters won’t, eitherWash. Post, Jan. 24, 2020 (Sunday Outlook)

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