EAC Commissioner Hovland calls on “Congress to act boldly and to stand up for our democracy”

Center for American Progress

Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Michael Sozan has this new interview with Election Assistance Commissioner, Ben Hovland. The interview also highlights successes of 2020 including the recruitment of poll workers.

“[T]he untold or under-recognized story of the 2020 election was the amazing job that state and local election officials did to conduct the best-administered election of my career during a global pandemic. . . .

Voters also did their part . . . We saw a record number of mail/absentee ballots as well as a record amount of early in-person voting.

It is also worth noting that Election Day would not have been nearly as smooth without the poll workers, including a new generation of younger poll workers, that signed up to work in polling places across the country in 2020. . . .

Finally, all of this was done and held up to immense scrutiny of every credible examination with no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

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