Two Great Symposiums on Election Law from NYU and Fordham

From the NYU Law Review: Volume 96, Issue 4

Rabia Belt, Mass Institutionalization and Civil Death

Ming Hsu Chen, The Political (Mis)Representation of Immigrants in the Census

Wilfred U. Codrington III, Purcell in Pandemic

Lee Drutman, Elections, Political Parties, and Multiracial, Multiethnic Democracy: How the United States Gets It Wrong

Ethan Herenstein & Yurij Rudensky, The Penalty Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment’s Consistency on Universal Representation

Justin Levitt, Failed Elections and the Legislative Selection of Presidential Electors

Janai Nelson, Parsing Partisanship and Punishment: An Approach to Partisan Gerrymandering and Race

Joshua S. Sellers & Justin Weinstein-Tull, Constructing the Right to Vote

Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos, The New Vote Dilution

From the Fordham Law Review: Volume 90, Issue 2

Jerry H. Goldfeder, Excessive Judicialization, Extralegal Interventions, and Violent Insurrection: A Snapshot of Our 59th Presidential Election

Aba Ayer, Voting as Exclusion

John D. Feerick,  The Electoral College: Time for a Change?

James A. Gardner,  The Illiberalization of American Election Law: A Study in Democratic Deconsolidation

Rebecca Green, Election Observation Post-2020

Michael T. Morley,  The Independent State Legislature Doctrine

Derek T. Muller,  Reducing Election Litigation

John Rogan, Reforms for Presidential Candidate Death and Inability: From the Conventions to Inauguration Day

Richard Winger,  How States Can Avoid Overcrowded Ballots but Still Protect Voter Choice

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