“Wisconsin Senate Republicans want further review of just-completed election audit”

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Republicans in the state Senate announced Monday they were launching a review of a recently completed audit of the 2020 election, just days after one of their members said the review had shown voting had been safe and secure. 

The announcement kicked off a review — limited in scope for now — of an audit that was completed three days earlier after months of work. A separate, more expansive review by Assembly Republicans is ongoing. 

Senate leaders announced their plans just hours after Assembly Republicans disclosed they had hired more attorneys at taxpayer expense to try to make sure their review survives a legal challenge.

Senate Republicans do not plan to hire outside attorneys or investigators to assist them and their work could take only a short period. The Assembly review is costing taxpayers $676,000 and could stretch into next year….

he leaders said they planned to authorize the Senate Elections Committee to start its review as early as Tuesday. The approval will allow the committee to look into the decisions of officials in Madison, Milwaukee County and Little Suamaico to bar auditors from handling their ballots and other election records.

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