“Trump Supporters Have Already Turned on the Cyber Ninjas”


Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based company that conducted the bogus election ‘audit’ in Arizona over the last six months, says he won’t be conducting any more recounts—unless God tells him to.

That’s hardly a surprise given the fact Logan and his company, which has no previous experience conducting such an operation, have been ridiculed and mocked for indulging conspiracy theories and the shambolic way the recount was conducted. 

Most of that criticism has come from the mainstream media and Democrats, but Logan says that his reasons for not wanting to do any more audits is not “because of the left, it’s because of the right.”

Logan was due to appear before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday, but his chair remained empty. Instead, he dialed into the right-wing Conservative Daily Podcast, to discuss the results of the ‘audit’ with host Max McGuire and Joe Oltmann, a conservative activist who has been one of the loudest boosters of election fraud conspiracies since last November’s election.

Oltmann is currently facing a lawsuit from Eric Coomer, the director of product strategy and security at Dominion Voting Systems; Coomer says he has been in hiding since December as a result of threats from Trump supporters who listened to Oltmann’s lies.

“If in prayer, the Lord told me to do it, I would do it again. Otherwise, no, I would not be inclined to, and quite frankly, it’s not because of the left, it’s because of the right,” Logan told McGuire when asked if he would conduct another audit if a different state asked him to….

Among those sending angry messages to Logan, it turns out, was Oltmann, who admitted on Thursday’s podcast that he was the person who leaked a fake version of the audit report that said the election should be decertified.

“I put out that draft to protect you,” Oltmann said. “I did it for you, people came to me and said ‘Doug is under constant attack, they’ve doxxed his family.’ Look, I would have flown to wherever with an AR-15 and stood in front of your house and popped the first person who came up to your door.”

But in comments under the video, Trump supporters continued to blast Logan. “This is why nothing will happen, because of spineless scaredy cats like him,” one commenter wrote. “Doug Logan is a sell out,” another wrote.

“He was a coward,” one commenter wrote. “He has children that could end up under communism and he better be willing to die.”

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