“Ohio’s top elections official rejects fraud claims”

From Ohio Capitol Journal:

A spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said the office didn’t want to get dragged in last week when a fellow Republican echoed former President Donald Trump’s baseless fraud claims and called for an audit of Ohio’s 2020 election.

But the state’s top election official won’t condemn Trump or say whether he’ll support the former president if he runs again in 2024. And despite his assertion that “it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Ohio,” LaRose wouldn’t comment on restrictions that forced large-county voters to wait hours to cast early ballots last year.

Former state Treasurer Josh Mandel is one of many Republicans eagerly trying to take up the Trump mantle in the race to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who is also a Republican….

“Anyone who suggests that Ohio’s 2020 election was anything less than the most successful and secure election on record is wrong,” the spokesman, Robert Nichols, said in an email. “Just like every election, the 2020 presidential election already has been audited and revealed an accuracy rate of 99.98%. We’re happy to help any Ohioan who may be unfamiliar with our safeguards understand the accessibility, accuracy, and security of how Ohio elections are administered.”

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