“Maine, Nebraska remain Electoral College battlegrounds after redistricting”

Ally at Politico:

Maine Democrats and Nebraska Republicans had the unique ability to use redistricting to influence who wins the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024 — but neither were successful in locking in a noticeable advantage for their party.

The only two states in the country that allocate Electoral College votes by congressional district finalized this week maps that will remain in place for the next decade. But the new lines only modestly tweaked the battleground seat in each state.

Under the new lines, Donald Trump would still win Democratic Rep. Jared Golden’s rural Maine district. And GOP Rep. Don Bacon will still represent an Omaha-based seat that gave its vote to Joe Biden.

“There is a ‘Nebraska nice’ slogan,” Bacon said, noting that Republicans did not attempt to crack the city of Omaha in a way that would doom Democrats competing in the district.

The result: The two most consequential congressional districts in the country are fairly insulated from partisan gerrymandering. They will remain among the most contested places in the battle for the House next year — and Omaha and rural Maine will still be on the travel schedule for presidential candidates in 2024.

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