“New poll: Californians are ready to change the recall process”

From Politico:

The poll released Thursday by UC San Diego’s Yankelovich Center found more than two-thirds of the electorate back some form of change, with 40 percent supporting “major” alterations — a 10-point increase compared to the findings of a post-2003 recall survey. A majority of those polled said the Legislature should create an independent commission that puts a proposal before voters. A clear majority of Democrats said they would support unspecified changes, while Republicans were split.

The most popular idea included in the survey was a constitutional amendment specifying the justifications for removal, such as illegal activity. Today, California voters can qualify recalls for any reason.

Majorities also backed raising the number of signatures needed to trigger a recall from its current threshold of 12 percent of the votes cast in the prior election and creating a runoff between the top two vote-getters among the replacement candidates.

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