John Eastman Gives CNN Longer Six-Page Memo on How He Hoped to Help Mike Pence Steal the Election for Trump

You can find the memo here.

I think it makes Eastman look even worse.

MORE from Jonathan Adler:

UPDATE: John Eastman has told CNN that the above-cited memo was merely a preliminary outline, and has provided CNN’s Jeremy Herb with a longer, six-page memo, dated January 3, which outlines several potential electoral count scenarios. I am not sure this longer memo makes Eastman look any better.

Like the shorter memo, the longer memo relies on the false claim that there were “dual slates of electors” transmitted to the Senate, adopts an expansive (and unjustified) interpretation of the Vice President’s authority under the Twelfth Amendment, and urged Vice President Pence to unilaterally disregard the Electoral Count Act and reject slates of electors certified and transmitted by seven states on the grounds that such a move would avert a “constitutional crisis.”

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