“Conservatives file redistricting lawsuit in Wisconsin”


A conservative group filed a redistricting lawsuit with the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday, an action that comes after Democrats filed their own legal challenge in federal court less than two weeks ago.

A third lawsuit on behalf of voting rights advocacy groups was also filed in federal court on Monday. The lawsuits mean there are fights in both state and federal courts in Wisconsin over redistricting, even before the Legislature proposes a map or takes a vote on new political boundary lines.

All of the lawsuits argue that the current maps, adopted in 2011, are unconstitutional and courts should establish a plan to draw new lines because the Republican-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers will not be able to agree.

Democrats and the advocacy groups are asking the federal courts to handle the drawing of new maps, while the lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, known as WILL, asks the conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court to do it.

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