No vacation w/o voting reform

So argue Dave Daley and Mike Parsons: “Whatever else Democrats decide to do with election reform before the recess, they should put partisan gerrymandering to a vote ASAP.”

I agree wholeheartedly that Congress needs to act now to ban gerrymandering of House seats for the 2022 midterms. I would not include in the bill a prohibition on gerrymandering of state legislative districts. I get the argument that Congress would have the power to do that, but the major problem of the last six months is Democrats trying to do too much, rather than just getting the essential done. Filibuster reform is going to be difficult enough; if a move to a “talking filibuster” is all that’s possible on that front, it will be a whole lot easy to defeat a talking filibuster if the bill at hand just bans gerrymandering in congressional elections and doesn’t attempt to control the districting of state legislative seats.

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