Guest Post/Poem from A Wuffle (footnotes by Bernie Grofman): Countdown to (VRA) Renewal

You can find the full text from A Wuffle (footnotes by Bernie Grofman) at this link.

*This essay in poetic form was written in 2006, two months prior to the congressional renewal of the VRA renewal. It is reproduced exactly as first written, except that a few outdated references were deleted and, in the present version, President Bush is changed to President Trump. To bring the essay more up to data without changing its original text, however, footnote annotations were added by Bernard Grofman, July 17, 2021. The original version was shared with a number of leading voting rights scholars.  In 2006 Wuffle was told that he was far too pessimistic; it was inconceivable that the Supreme Court could reject such as unconstitutional such a sacred icon as the Voting Rights Act. And, of course it didn’t, it merely made it unenforceable. Wuffle was also told that changing the trigger clause was politically infeasible, and that may well have been true. As we contemplate the hope of renewing the trigger clause in 2021, I (Bernard Grofman) believe that Wuffle’s  2006 advice on renewal remains as relevant today as it was in 2006.

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