New Articles Dept.

Philip Peisch has written a quite good student note, Procurement and the Polls: How Sharing Responsibility for Acquiring Voting Machines Can Improve and Restore Confidence in American Voting Systems for the Georgetown Law Journal. It offers a nuanced defense of election administration decentralized authority, something you don’t see all the time.
Josh Douglas has posted The Significance of the Shift toward As-Applied Challenges in Election Law (forthcoming, Hofstra Law Review) on SSRN. I read this one too in draft. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in here, but I think it is too early yet to evaluate the effect of Crawford and the Washington State Grange cases on the lower courts.
Lochner, Dorie Apollonio and Rhett Tatum have written Wheat from Chaff: Third Party Monitoring and FEC Enforcement Actions, which just won the best article prize for Regulation and Governance journal.

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