Symposium on Ranked-Choice Voting

The journal Politics and Governance has devoted its most recent issue to a series of empirical studies of RCV:

The Politics, Promise and Peril of Ranked Choice Voting (2021, Volume 9, Issue 2)
Edited by Caroline Tolbert
Complete issue:

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Introduction: The Promise and Peril of Ranked Choice Voting
By Caroline J. Tolbert and Daria Kuznetsova

Ranked Choice Voting in Australia and America: Do Voters Follow Party Cues?
By Benjamin Reilly

Using Campaign Communications to Analyze Civility in Ranked Choice Voting Elections
By Martha Kropf

Demographic Disparities Using Ranked-Choice Voting? Ranking Difficulty, Under-Voting, and the 2020 Democratic Primary
By Joseph A. Coll

The Impact of Input Rules and Ballot Options on Voting Error: An Experimental Analysis
By J. S. Maloy and Matthew Ward

Ranked Choice Voting and Youth Voter Turnout: The Roles of Campaign Civility and Candidate Contact
By Courtney L. Juelich and Joseph A. Coll

Election Reform and Women’s Representation: Ranked Choice Voting in the U.S.
By Cynthia Richie Terrell, Courtney Lamendola and Maura Reilly

Variants of Ranked-Choice Voting from a Strategic Perspective
By Jack Santucci

Lessons from the Use of Ranked Choice Voting in American Presidential Primaries
By Rob Richie, Benjamin Oestericher, Deb Otis and Jeremy Seitz-Brown

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