June 21 AEI Event: “How can we strengthen trust in the integrity of presidential elections?”

This looks important:

Distrust of the results of presidential elections has been particularly intense in recent years. Many Democrats believed Donald Trump won the 2016 election through interference by Russian disinformation campaigns, and an even larger percentage of Republicans believe Democrats stole the 2020 presidential contest. This denial of election results is indisputably corrosive to the American political system’s long-term well-being.

Please join AEI’s Kevin R. Kosar and a panel of experts as they discuss various ways to strengthen the public’s trust in the results of our presidential elections.

LIVE Q&A: Submit questions to Elayne.Allen@aei.org or on Twitter with #AEIElectionSecurity.


10:00 AM
Kevin R. Kosar, Resident Scholar, AEI

10:05 AM

David Becker, Executive Director, Center for Election Innovation & Research
Daniel A. Cox, Resident Scholar, AEI
John C. Fortier, Resident Scholar, AEI
Justin Ryan Grimmer, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
Kevin Johnson, Executive Director, Election Reformers Network

Kevin R. Kosar, Resident Scholar, AEI

11:00 AM

11:30 AM

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