June 16 Event: “Virtual Summit: Continuing Threats to Free and Fair Elections”

Via email from Bipartisan Policy Center (registration link):

Election administrators endured unthinkable stress and attacks during the 2020 cycle, and our country is now hurtling towards a cliff of retirements of the people who best understand voting. 

Join us, the Brennan Center, and the Ash Center as we explore challenges to voting and necessary solutions during a two-part panel discussion. Our first panel will explore current threats to U.S. elections, followed by a second panel discussion on election official independence and sustainability. 

Panel 1 Participants

Natalie Adona | Assistant Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters, Nevada County (NV)

Katie Harbath | Elections Fellow, BPC

Al Schmidt | City Commissioner, Philadelphia

Matthew Masterson | Non-Resident Policy Fellow, Stanford Internet Observatory; Moderator

Panel 2 Participants 

Lisa Danetz | Consultant, Brennan Center for Justice 

Chris Hollins | Former Clerk, Harris County (TX)

Aaron Ockerman | Executive Director, Ohio Association of Election Officials

Justin Roebuck | County Clerk, Ottawa County (MI)

Tina Barton | Senior Program Advisor, U.S. Election Assistance Commission; Moderator


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