“How the new Texas voting bill would create hurdles for voters of color”

Amy Gardner for WaPo:

Texas is poised to adopt one of the most restrictive voting bills in the country, a 67-page measure with a slew of provisions that would make it harder to cast ballots by mail, give new access to partisan poll watchers and impose stiff new civil and criminal penalties on election administrators, voters and those who seek to assist them.

While Senate Bill 7 would have wide-ranging effects on voters across the state, it includes specific language that critics say would disproportionately affect people of color — particularly those who live in under-resourced and urban communities…

Similarly, the bill’s provision barring early voting before 1 p.m. on Sundays is likely to disproportionately affect the long-standing get-out-the-vote effort known as “souls to the polls,” which aims at encouraging Black churchgoers to cast their ballots right after services.


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