Michigan: “Nessel asks judge to consider Sidney Powell’s ‘stunning admissions’ in deciding sanctions”

Detroit News:

Attorney General Dana Nessel on Tuesday asked a federal judge to consider GOP lawyer Sidney Powell’s “stunning admissions” in deciding whether to sanction her for a lawsuit filed after the November election in Michigan’s federal eastern district court.  

In defending herself against a separate $1.3 billion libel suit from Dominion Voting Systems, Powell said “no reasonable person” could conclude her statements about Dominion were “truly statements of fact.” Powell also said it was the court’s responsibility, not hers, to investigate the truth of the statements. 

The statements, Nessel wrote in a Tuesday motion, “go to the heart” of the argument for sanctions against Powell. 

Powell “all but admits that she and her co-counsel here have engaged in sanctionable conduct before this court,” Nessel wrote. “…That approach to litigation is sanctionable under any standard.”


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