“CNN Poll: Most Americans think election results could lead to political violence in the coming years”


A broad majority of Americans say that political violence in response to election results is likely in the United States in the next few years, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.Overall, 71% say political violence in response to election results is at least somewhat likely, including 34% who believe it is very likely. The expectation that elections will lead to violence also cuts across party lines (78% of Democrats, 70% of independents and 65% of Republicans describe it as likely).

There is far less partisan agreement over whether American democracy took a blow due to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Overall, 62% are concerned that the attack weakened American democracy. But a political divide was evident: Among Democrats (79%) and independents (64%), most say they are concerned that it weakened democracy, but just 36% of Republicans feel the same.

Republican leaders, including Republicans in Congress and former President Donald Trump, receive sharply negative ratings for their handling of the response to the January 6 attack. Overall, 70% disapprove of congressional Republicans’ handling of the response, and 67% disapprove of the way Trump handled it. Democrats, including President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress, fare a bit better, with 52% approving and 40% disapproving of Biden’s handling of the aftermath of the attack, while 45% approve and 49% disapprove of the way Democrats in Congress responded.


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