Programming Note: #ELB Blog Slowdown (at Least for Now)

Back on November 24, I noted a temporary blog slowdown as I completed work on a book manuscript and contemplated the future of ELB.

As regular readers know, that slowdown never happened, because election law remained deeply relevant as President Trump refused to concede and ramped up false rhetoric of a stolen election. This was followed by the storming of the Capitol, flash impeachment, and the Inauguration.

We are not out of the woods, as I argued yesterday, but we should have a bit of a lull in major election news for a bit.

So I plan to now take that slowdown, and to contemplate ELB’s future. Posting here and on Twitter will be less frequent for now, and those on the listserv may see my daily emails come only a few times a week, at least for a while.

I’ll be putting some energy into my 200 students this semester, my ALI work on Tort Remedies, and my book project on “Cheap Speech.”

Thanks as always for reading!


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