“New Republican named to MI elections board that certified Biden win”

Michigan Public Radio:

There will be a new Republican serving on the bipartisan state board that certifies election results – most recently President-elect Joe Biden’s Michigan victory last November. Governor Gretchen Whitmer – a Democrat – selected Tony Daunt from a list submitted by the Michigan Republican Party.

Daunt is the executive director of the Freedom Fund, a conservative foundation with ties to the DeVos family.

If confirmed, Daunt will replace Aaron Van Langevelde. He was not re-nominated to serve by the Michigan Republican Party, which submitted a list of three names for Whitmer to choose from.

It was Van Langevelde’s vote that allowed President-elect Joe Biden’s Michigan victory to be formalized.

“My conscience is clear, and I am confident that my decision is the right side of the law and history,” Van Langevelde said Monday in a statement after he was not re-nominated to the board. “Time will tell whether those who spread misinformation and overturn the election were wrong, and they should be held responsible for the chaos and confusion they have caused.”


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