“Building a Coalition for Impartial Election Administration”

One important direction for improving our election system is taking election administration out of the hands of partisan actors and moving toward more professional election administration, as in many other democracies. I wanted to flag this event I’ll be participating in today with many of those leading this effort, including former election administrators. For more detailed analysis on suggested reforms, see the report at the bottom of the event’s description:

Election administrators performed heroically in the 2020 elections, but are under growing partisan pressure.  Key challenges emerged including legislative micromanagement, extensive litigation, insufficient funding, and widespread party-based distrust in the results and process. More broadly, U.S. elections need greater protection against partisan influence on election rule-making, redistricting, and election administration.

The goal of this invitation-only session is to establish core principles for reform and to begin building a coalition to achieve change.  The workshop will include current and former secretaries of state, election administration specialists, reform research and advocacy organizations, election scholars, and state legislators.

For more information email [email protected]. For background on these issues click here for the recently released report, “Guardrails for the Guardians: Reducing Secretary of State Conflict of Interest and Building more Impartial U.S. Election Administration.”

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