The #1 2020 Washington Post (Monkey Cage) Piece Was Mine on the Death or Withdrawal of a Presidential Candidate Before the Election

I was quite surprised to learn that my interview with Josh Tucker on these questions was far and away the most viewed piece on the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog in 2020.

I had done a similar interview in 2016 and I’m glad Josh asked me to do an updated one this summer. I haven’t seen a breakdown of how many people read the interview before v. after President Trump came down with COVID19. The top 10 list from the Washington Post is here, and the excerpt on my interview follows:

1. What happens if a U.S. presidential candidate withdraws or dies before the election is over?

But by far our biggest hit of the year was TMC editor Joshua Tucker’s interview with Richard Pildes explaining what would happen if either Trump or Biden were to die during the campaign. With two candidates in their 70s campaigning during a lethal pandemic, readers found this post every day, all summer and fall. When Trump was hospitalized with the virus, readership went through the roof.

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