My Opeds and Commentaries, 2019

Moving these off the sidebar as I spruce things up around here:

The Decade of Citizens UnitedSlate, Dec. 19, 2019

These Two Articles of Impeachment Are More than Good EnoughSlate, Dec. 10, 2019

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Defense Will Be to Put Joe Biden on TrialSlate, Nov. 22, 2019

Could Matt Bevin Steal the Kentucky Governor’s Election?Slate, Nov. 7, 2019

The Arrest of Giuliani’s Ukraine Associates Shows How Much Trump Has Already Corrupted Our ElectionsSlate, Oct. 10, 2019

Democrats Have Trump on the Ropes. They Must Act on Impeachment NowSlate, Sept. 27, 2019

Trump’s Ukraine Gambit Could Be Another Campaign Finance CrimeSlate, Sept. 22, 2019

Michigan has a smart idea for fixing gerrymandering. Conservatives want to crush itVox, Sept. 9, 2019

The Coming Reckoning Over the Electoral College; A ploy to bring the issue to the Supreme Court could backfireSlate, Sept. 4, 2019

Unlimited Donations to Candidates, Coming Soon? Former Solicitor General Paul Clement may get the Supreme Court closer to killing what’s left of campaign-finance limitsThe Atlantic, July 26, 2019

The Most Important Lesson the Supreme Court Liberals Can Take from John Paul StevensSlate, July 17, 2019

The Supreme Court’s Green Light to Partisan Gerrymandering Will Drag It Down Further Into the MudN.Y. Times, June 27, 2019

Donald Trump Is Promising to Fight the Census Case. That Might Actually WorkSlate, June 27, 2019

The Census Case Is Shaping Up to Be the Biggest Travesty Since Bush v. GoreSlate, June 25, 2019

New Memo Reveals the Census Question Was Added to Boost White Voting Power; Why it won’t matter to the Supreme Court’s conservativesSlate, May 30, 2019

Robert Mueller Was Telling Nancy Pelosi to Begin Impeachment ProceedingsSlate, May 29, 2019

The Mueller Report Makes It Clear: Trump Is Off the Hook in SDNY as WellSlate, Apr. 22, 2019

All the Mistakes Mueller Made in Declining to Prosecute Donald Trump Jr.Slate, Apr. 18, 2019

The Seven Things to Look for When Reading the Redacted Mueller ReportSlate, Apr. 15, 2019

Roberts’ Rules: This week will test the chief justice’s commitment to calling balls and strikesSlate, Mar. 25, 2019

How Mueller’s Unknown Reasoning Could Endanger American Democracy in 2020, Slate, Mar. 24, 2019

Roger Stone’s Indictment Could Be Good News for Donald Trump Jr.Slate, Mar. 24, 2019

Donald Trump Was Just Handed a Chance to Supercharge Voter Suppression in 2020,Slate, Jan. 8, 2019

The Supreme Court Could Make Gerrymandering WorseAtlantic, Jan. 7, 2019

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