“Republicans Are Facing Very Real Legal Consequences From Trump’s Voter Fraud Lies”

Zoe Tillman for BuzzFeed:

President Donald Trump and his conservative allies are facing the prospect of very real legal consequences after weeks of pushing false claims of widespread voter fraud.

On Tuesday, a voting rights group filed a lawsuit that accuses Trump and the Republican National Committee of conspiring to violate the rights of Black voters. The lawsuit doesn’t just ask the judge to stop Trump and the GOP from taking any more steps to overturn or undermine the election results this year; the challengers are also asking for an order that could force the president and the RNC to get court approval before demanding recounts or participating in other “post-election activities” in the future.

The new court action comes just a few years after a federal judge in New Jersey in January 2018 lifted a decades old court-monitored settlement that barred the RNC from engaging in “ballot security” activities based on the “racial or ethnic composition” of a particular community. The RNC signed the agreement in 1982 to settle claims that it had tried to intimidate, threaten, and disenfranchise voters through voter roll purges and by paying police officers to patrol polling sites in predominantly Black and Latino areas under the guise of preventing election fraud.

The new lawsuit — which is an expanded version of a case that the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) filed last month in federal court in Washington, DC, against Trump and his campaign alone — accused the president and Republican Party officials of deliberately focusing their postelection challenges on cities with large Black populations, such as Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The latest iteration of the lawsuit brings claims under the federal Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act.

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