Trump Campaign Files Ridiculous New Expedited Cert Petition, Seeking Supreme Court Order to Overturn PA Election Results, Relying on Fake Electors for Trump from PA as Reported by the Epoch Times

John Eastman should be ashamed of this petition for cert and motion to expedite.

I won’t go through all of the ridiculous things here, but this is an attempt to challenge PA Supreme Court cases in October and mid-November. There is absolutely no excuse to have waited this long, and to have tried to sue after the electoral college slates voted.

And no, a group of people getting together and calling themselves “electors” without any state authority to do so are not electors. The citation to the Epoch Times in support of the choice of the alternative slate made me laugh out loud.

Update: Josh Douglas flagged for me some very concerning language about “disruption” in the motion to expedite:

“Finally, if this matter is not timely resolved, not only Petitioner, but the Nation as а whole may suffer injury from the resulting confusion. Indeed, the intense national and worldwide attention on the 2020 Presidential election only foreshadows the disruption that may well follow if the uncertainty and unfairness shrouding this election are allowed to persist. The importance of а prompt resolution of the federal constitutional questions presented by this case cannot be overstated.”

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