“A voting technology company at the center of election conspiracy theories demanded a retraction from Fox News, accusing them of ‘a concerted disinformation campaign'”

Business Insider:

The election software company Smartmatic is demanding retractions from right-wing media outlets, accusing them of spreading conspiracy theories about its role in the 2020 elections.

In a letter obtained by Insider, Smartmatic accused Fox News of engaging in “a concerted disinformation campaign against Smartmatic” by “continually and repeatedly published demonstrably false information and defamatory statements.”

“Fox News told its millions of viewers and readers that Smartmatic was founded by Hugo Chávez, that its software was designed to fix elections, and that Smartmatic conspired with others to defraud the American people and fix the 2020 U.S. election by changing, inflating, and deleting votes,” Smartmatic’s letter, addressed to Fox News executive vice president and general counsel Lily Fu Claffee, reads.

Smartmatic has also sent retraction demands and legal notices to One America News Network and Newsmax, two right-wing news outlets that pushed conspiracy theories about the company’s role in the election, a Smartmatic spokesperson confirmed to Insider.

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