Expect a Final Dramatic Flourish From Wisconsin Before Electoral College Meets Monday as WI Supreme Court Ruling Looms (It Won’t Affect the Overall Election Outcome)

Yesterday the Wisconsin Supreme Court held a heated oral argument over Trump’s election contest. The arguments were at noon and heated, and now, less than 17 hours before the electoral college meets, there is not yet a decision.

The Court will almost certainly be divided as it was last time, and Justice Hagedorn, a conservative, could well be the decisive vote.

Wisconsin is the only state that will be outside the safe harbor because of this ongoing legislation. I do not know what the Court will do, but even in the very unlikely event they ordered some change to the electoral college votes for Biden in this election, there are not enough votes at stake to affect the outcome of the election.

But this continued churn of litigation, in the face of no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities, remains troubling, up till the very vote of the Electoral College delegations on Monday.


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