“Wisconsin Supreme Court shows divisions as it hears Trump lawsuit seeking to overturn state’s election”

Patrick Marley:

he state Supreme Court showed deep divisions Saturday as it contemplated a final push by President Donald Trump to throw out Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow win in Wisconsin. 

The arguments — a rarity on a weekend — came amid a string of legal setbacks for the president. During the arguments, a federal judge in Milwaukee ruled against Trump, dealing the seventh defeat to Trump and his allies in 10 days over Wisconsin’s results. 

The three liberals on the state’s high court showed extreme skepticism toward Trump’s arguments. Three conservatives showed some support for at least parts of his claims.  

Unclear were the views of Justice Brian Hagedorn, who was elected last year with the support of Republicans but has sided at times with the liberals. He joined the liberals last week in turning down three other challenges to Wisconsin’s election results. 

In the latest case, the justices are expected to rule before the Electoral College meets at noon Monday. …


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