A Sidney Powell Sleight-of-Hand on Claims of Manipulation of Electronic Voting Systems? (Or What Happened to the Keshavarz-Nia Statement)

A reader passes along the following, which I have not had a chance to independently verify. Happy to hear any corrections or additions:


As you know, President Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell filed her so-called “Kraken” lawsuits in district courts in Georgia and Michigan on November 25. It is widely assumed that Powell included in both complaints a sworn statement by cyber-security expert Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, who concluded that widespread manipulation of electronic voting systems caused hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Trump to be transferred to Biden. 

And as you surely know, in the two weeks since Powell filed those lawsuits, the Keshavarz-Nia statement spread rapidly throughout social media, where it has generally been hailed as credible evidence that the election was compromised. 

What the Public Doesn’t Know:

Contrary to widespread assumptions, the Keshavarz-Nia statement was not part of either of the the lawsuits heard by the courts. In the Georgia case, the statement was never filed with the court. And in the Michigan case, the statement was initially filed but was removed four days later when the original complaint was replaced by an amended version from which any reference to Keshavarz-Nia had been omitted. Powell neglected to inform the court, press, or public that the Keshavarz-Nia statement was never filed in Georgia and was removed from the Michigan case. As of yet, these sleight-of-hand maneuvers have received no press attention (to my knowledge) and appear to have gone undetected by the public. Consequently, without ever facing the scrutiny of judges or opposing counsel, Powell scored a rather big victory in the court of public opinion by fooling many into believing that a cyber-security expert risked perjuring himself in testifying that the election was stolen from Trump.

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