“GOP senators’ strategy on Trump’s election fraud claims: Keep quiet and carry on”


A wide range of Republican senators are shrugging off President Donald Trump’s evidence-free claims that mass voter fraud cost him the election, ignoring their party leader’s relentless attacks against a foundation of American democracy amid their growing expectation that the matter will be resolved within two weeks — without their involvement.

As they watch Trump torch local Republicans and governors who refuse to try to overturn the election results, many have remained silent as more states certify Joe Biden’s victory and more of the President’s legal challenges collapse. A central factor around the GOP’s decision to stay quiet: The two critical Georgia Senate runoffs where Trump can play a key role in turning out their base to help keep the chamber in Republican hands next Congress. Infuriating Trump now will only undercut their efforts to lean on a President who holds enormous sway with their core voters, Republican sources said Monday.

In the meantime, some prominent senators on Monday dismissed the idea that they have much of a role to play in pushing back on Trump’s unfounded claims as the legal and state certification process plays out — as powerful Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell remained silent after saying little about the President’s weeks-long campaign to undermine faith in the elections.

McConnell walked by reporters in the Senate hallways Monday without responding to a question about Trump’s actions or if he considers Biden to be the President-elect.

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