“As States Certify Ballot Totals, An Extraordinary Election Comes To An End”

Pam Fessler for NPR:

Signs of a tattered, but resilient, voting system were on full display this week as one of the most contentious elections in U.S. history rolled toward completion.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina put the final stamp of approval on their official vote counts, while workers re-tallied millions of ballots in Georgia and Wisconsin to assure the Trump campaign that the initial count was accurate. Courts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and elsewhere reviewed and, almost uniformly, rejected legal challenges for lack of merit.

The 2020 election was extraordinary in so many ways. A pandemic forced election workers to shift their attention from guarding against Russian phishing attacks to acquiring adequate supplies of hand sanitizers and printing millions of mail-in ballots. But more extraordinary were the unrelenting attacks on the legitimacy of the system, primarily by President Trump and his allies, and the resulting decline in public trust.

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