Trump Campaign Appears to Be Deliberately Slowing Recount in Milwaukee


“The Trump campaign is continually revisiting issues that the commission has ruled on, such as observers saying that they cannot see when, again, that was addressed already,” Christenson said to explain what is slowing the process.

There appeared to be a disconnect between the attorneys arguing before the three-member Board of Canvassers and the attorneys acting on behalf of the Trump campaign in the aisles and the observers at each of the tables where the counting is taking place, he said.

Another issue, he said, is that the observers are “disruptive,” asking question after question and telling the election workers to stop what they’re doing.

“It’s not our job to train their observers on what they’re observing,” he said. “They clearly don’t know what they’re doing and so they keep asking questions. And we’ve said to the Trump campaign, you need to tell your people what you’re looking for here because they’re objecting to every ballot.”

Observers need to ask the campaigns if they have questions, not the election workers, he said.

He said he believed a total of three ballots from Bayside and Hales Corners were rejected so far.


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