Leading Republican Election Attorneys Rob Kelner and Mark Braden (Separately) Reject Trump’s Bonkers Voter Fraud Theories to Try to Overturn Election Results

Rob Kelner:

The Hill:

The lawyers have not taken that claim to court and have not provided any evidence to support it.

“This is delusional,” said Mark Braden, the former chief counsel at the RNC. “I’m a professional Republican so it’s not easy for me to have to deal with my friends on this. Look — voter fraud occurs. I’ve seen it. It happens. But you have to be realistic about the size and scope of it.”

Republican lawyers interviewed by The Hill said Trump’s early legal challenges on voter fraud were defensible and reasonable, even if they had no chance of changing the outcome of the election. But they’re disturbed by the dark turn things have taken, and worried that Trump’s claims are undermining democracy and misleading millions of his own supporters.

“The Venezuelans didn’t screw around with the voting machines,” Braden said. “That’s 100 percent total nonsense. I don’t know what’s going on here. It’s very dangerous that we’re undermining the system. Democracy isn’t a God-given right. It’s a fragile process. The two most important things are that the person with the most lawful votes wins, and that the people who voted for the losing side also believe their candidate lost. This is undermining that idea and it’s a dangerous thing.”


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