Michigan: “Clerks urge election changes during boisterous legislative inquiry”

Detroit News:

In a Thursday meeting punctuated by outbursts from attendees, a wheelbarrow full of letters and repeated calls to order, two county clerks recommended a raft of election changes during the first testimony taken in a legislative inquiry into the Nov. 3 election. 

The three-hour joint oversight committee hearing was the first to take testimony on Michigan’s Nov. 3 election, where unproven allegations of election fraud and ballot irregularities prompted Michigan lawmakers to subpoena voting-related records from the state to examine the issues. 

Some attendees seeking to “Stop the Steal” attended the meeting, grumbling about some responses and laughing when witnesses said dead voters did not vote in Michigan. 

Democratic lawmakers questioned the value of the hearing. Democratic Rep. Cynthia Johnson of Detroit yelled at the end of the meeting when she didn’t get a question in, and criticized the GOP-led Legislature for holding such a meeting during a pandemic. She was gaveled down by Republican Sen. Ed McBroom of Vulcan.

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