PA Senate Republican Leader on the PA Legislature’s Role in Choosing Electors

From this Jonathan Lai interview:

Tell me about the state legislature’s role with regard to the rest of the process. There are a lot of people worried about some sort of overturning of results.

The electors are selected by the winner of the popular vote. That is in our state statute. The only way, I think — and I’m still not even sure we could do it — the only way the legislature would have a role in electors is if there was no certification of the results. If we were at the time when the Electoral College is going to meet and Pennsylvania’s results haven’t been certified and it’s still challenged in court, and there’s no end to that, then possibly the legislature would have a role there.

But I’ve never suggested that we would do anything but what the law states. The law states that when the Secretary of State certifies the election, the governor appoints the electors. That’s the law. And we will follow the law.


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