“Hearings on Pennsylvania election unlikely in Harrisburg this year; Republicans eye 2021 for election law changes”

Morning Call:

The prospect of Republican-led hearings in Harrisburg this month to scrutinize the conduct of the election appears to have diminished, with key officials unavailable because of their involvement in lawsuits and the 2019-20 session scheduled to end Nov. 30.

York County Republican Rep. Seth Grove, interim chairperson of the state House committee identified last week as a possible vehicle for hearings, said Monday they probably would not happen this year.

But, he said, election law changes were a “must” for the next legislation session, which starts in January. A spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, Jennifer Kocher, also said a look back at the election might produce calls for changes.

Democrats, meanwhile, view the election as well-run.

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