“Pro-Trump forces spin legal wheels in challenging Michigan election results”

Detroit Free Press:

Lawsuits filed in the wrong courts.

Naming the wrong defendants.

Alleging facts with no connection to the defendants being sued.

Forces backing Republican President Donald Trump have filed at least five lawsuits in state and federal courts in Michigan seeking to delay or stop the state’s certification of 16 electoral votes for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

With every Michigander’s vote cast and counted in the presidential contest, showing Biden defeating Trump by close to 150,000 votes according to the unofficial tally, elections workers statewide are now undertaking the tedious process of officially certifying the vote and converting the state’s popular vote into the state’s Electoral College votes. That process relies on local and state election officials meeting a series of tight deadlines and fulfilling their legal duties. And derailing this process appears to be a goal the lawsuits all share.

The suits could create significant complications if they produced court orders delaying certification of election results in key Michigan counties beyond Tuesday’s deadline, or dragged out thecertification of statewide results beyond the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” date by which Congress is required to accept Michigan’s electoral votes.

But the suits have been marked by unusual legal missteps and repeated judicial setbacks. Some analysts say it is difficult to discern a coherent strategy, other than to seek to undermine overall confidence in the elections process….

Sam Bagenstos, a U-M law professor who was a Democratic nominee to the Michigan Supreme Court in 2018, said the True the Vote federal lawsuit “picked the big Democratic jurisdictions and said, ‘Let’s invalidate all the votes of the people there.’ It’s outrageous and anti-democratic and it’s based on nothing in terms of the allegations,” he said.

I think Sam is being overly generous in his description of this True the Vote suit, which I consider to be racist.

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