“Trump Lawyers Pressured to End Role in Election Challenges”


Some law firms representing President Trump’s legal push to remain in the White House are withdrawing from cases or clarifying their roles amid pressure to end their involvement.

Ohio-based law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP withdrew Thursday from a Trump campaign federal lawsuit seeking to stop certification of election results in Pennsylvania. International law firm Jones Day has tried in recent days to publicly distance itself from any voter-fraud suits tied to the president. Another large firm withdrew from an Arizona case a day after filing it, and other lawyers working on Trump cases have faced onslaughts of online criticism.

The Associated Press has said President-elect Joe Biden is the winner of the election after it called enough states to give him a majority in the Electoral College. Mr. Trump hasn’t conceded and has told aides to keep fighting.

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in five battleground states, with a mix of local and national lawyers on their side. Judges have ruled against some of the claims, and Trump lawyers have voluntarily dismissed others.

The Lincoln Project, a political-action committee run by Republicans critical of the president, launched a social-media campaign attacking Jones Day and Porter Wright. Twitter temporarily blocked the group because it posted contact information for Porter Wright attorneys and urged followers to “make them famous.” The account was restored once the tweet was deleted.

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