“Detroit lawsuit alleges new problems at TCF counting center, citing 5 affidavits”

Detroit News:

A third lawsuit has been filed over Michigan’s vote count, this one filed in Wayne County Circuit Court and alleging problems with the counting process at TCF Center in Detroit. 

The filing relies on the affidavits of four Republican poll challengers and a city of Detroit employee who said she worked in the city’s election headquarters through September, a satellite clerk’s office in October and the TCF Center the day after the election. 

Besides the affidavits, no actual evidence of the alleged issues was presented.

The allegations range from restrictions on poll challengers to late arriving batches of absentee ballots to the encouragement of early voters to cast their ballots for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Election officials have said they allowed the maximum number of poll watchers for both Democrats and Republicans, only restricting access to any additional poll watchers because of COVID-19 concerns.

The suit, filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center, seeks an independent audit of the election, a halt to the certification of Wayne County votes, an order voiding the county’s election results and the initiation of a new election in Wayne County. 

Judges in the Michigan Court of Claims and the Wayne County Circuit Court have already denied similar requests to stop the counting of Detroit ballots, citing a lack of evidence of wrongdoing. 

The city of Detroit, a defendant in the case, rejected the suits as “another belated lawsuit, raising baseless allegations” to shake people’s confidence in the election. 


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