Georgia: “Fulton election results delayed after pipe bursts in room with ballots”


Fulton County’s absentee-by-mail processing operation at State Farm Arena was delayed four hours today after a water pipe burst in a room with ballots.

No ballots were harmed thanks to the slant of the room, voting officials told the elections board Tuesday night. But that likely ruins the hope by officials of having a three-quarters count by 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“There was a pipe that burst in the room where we actually had ballots, thank goodness that none of those ballots were damaged,” said Dwight Brower, with Fulton County elections.ExploreFulton election update: Delivery snafu, shorter lines, few tech problems

Board members asked when the public would have results from Georgia’s most populated county.

“It’s going to be later than what we would like it to be,” said Ralph Jones, a top Fulton elections manager.

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