“Michigan attorney general charges right-wing provocateurs with election felonies”

Detroit Free Press:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is charging two well-known election provocateurs with felonies related to a racist robocall in metro Detroit that spread false information about the upcoming general election. 

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are accused of orchestrating calls that went to thousands of voters in Detroit and other cities. The calls reportedly targeted Black voters and spread misinformation about voting by mail. 

“Any effort to interfere with, intimidate or intentionally mislead Michigan voters will be met with swift and severe consequences,” Nessel said in a news release….

The call falsely claimed that voters who apply for and use absentee ballots are providing personal information that may be used by police to carry out warrants, by credit card companies to attempt to collect debts and the CDC to “track people for mandatory vaccines.” 

None of this is true. 

“Don’t be (inaudible) into giving your private information to the man. Stay safe, and beware of vote by mail,” the robocall states, according to a copy of the recording previously provided by the Office of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

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